That extra something you'll need.
At MEOW we have that extra something you'll need to spice up your wardrobe. The perfect accessories to compliment every style are in stock!
The finest looks in women's handbags can be yours. So stylish you'll want them all! There are whimsical weaves, elegant leathers, fantastic simulated furs and jewel like plastics to name but a few.

Once you've found the right bag, MEOW has a large and ever-changing selection of smaller items to fit right inside. From scarves to compacts, you're sure to find something to fill it with.

You're sure to find something.
Flattering and sophisticated rhinestone jewelry.
Want to add glamour to your favorite costume?

You'll find a dazzling selection of flattering and sophisticated rhinestone jewelry at MEOW. Glitter not your thing? Take your pick from the many other styles available, like brightly colored plastics or glossy enamels.
Brightly colored plastics.Glossy enamels.
Display cases stocked full of exciting treasures.
Throughout the store we have display cases stocked full of exciting treasures. Besides baubles for her, you can also find something for him! Need a tie clip or a smart set of cuff links? Come take a look!
After you've found everything you'll need, check again, there still might be one last thing. Don't forget a pair of sunglasses! Easily add that special dash to your look by simply trying on a pair!
Don't forget a pair of sunglasses!

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