Welcome to MEOW! Welcome to MEOW!

For over 20 years we've proudly welcomed vintage shoppers from around the world to our store.

If you happen to be one of MEOW's many past visitors, then... hello again!

If you've never visited, please consider this to be an introduction, as well as your invitation to MEOW.

We hope to see you soon!

Welcome to MEOW!
Welcome to MEOW! Welcome to MEOW! Welcome to MEOW!

A vintage shopper's paradise! Our 1800 square foot store is filled with mint condition vintage wear. We specialize in "dead stock" original apparel and accessories from the 1940s to the 1980s.
MEOW has become a mecca for retro enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, as well as a standard source for film and television costumers, fashion stylists and designers.
Glowing neon signs.
MEOW has become a mecca for retro enthusiasts.
So much to look at!

Decorated like a vintage department store. On exhibit are period mannequins, colorful ad displays and glowing neon signs rescued and preserved from retail's past.

Smiling faces. But there's more to MEOW than neon signs. The variety and quality of our merchandise is what makes us truly unique, and you'll find racks, shelves and cases full of it.
So much to look at!
Glowing neon signs.
Men's, women's and children's vintage clothing are all carefully hand picked from locations both near and far away.

Examples of those fashions can be seen here, but we know that looking here is no true substitute for seeing it in person. Touching, holding and trying something on is what a trip to MEOW is all about.
Colorful ad displays. After browsing a little, we're sure that you'll want to pick MEOW as your choice for vintage shopping when in the Los Angeles area. No matter if you're crossing the county or an entire ocean to get here, we'll be glad to have you. We're confident that MEOW will easily become one of your favorites!
Racks and shelves full of merchandise.
Contact information, including maps and directions to MEOW can be found at our CONTACT page. Feel free to e-mail, write or telephone for answers to any of your questions about the store.
Colorful ad displays.

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